Migrating to Universal Analytics

Migrating to Universal Analytics -

Universal Analytics is the next generation of Google Analytics. Announced in October, 2012, and previously available in Beta form, it is now rolling out to all new Google Analytics users.

All leads are not created equal

 This book review by veteran marketer Peggy Hatch deserves all our attention. If she reccommends a book, it's probably worth every penny and every hour spent reading & learning.

See for yourself what she says about "Maximizing Lead Generation" by Ruth Stevens.


Pinterest: How to get B2B Customers with it

Pin it!The proliferation of smart-phones has brought with it new trend: easy picture sharing.

Make Analytics Better with Tag Management and a Data Layer

Make Analytics Better with Tag Management and a Data Layer -

There’s something new in the world of tracking: the container tag. It’s more commonly known as Tag Management. You may have heard of it over the last year or so.

Very quickly this technology has spawned a number of companies and investment in this area. Some of the more well known tag management tools are (in no specific order):

Your Social Media, Your Reputation

The article below puts the case for investingin Sicial Media. Something I have not been a proponent of for B2B.

Full Funnel: Google Analytics Measures Social Media

Full Funnel: Google Analytics Measures Social Media -

We all love social media. We all use it all the time.

As analyst and marketers we’re trying to define the business value of social.

But the measurement is challenging. We’re trying to change that with Google Analytics and have introduced a set of Social Media reports to help measure the value of social.

New Facebook Pages: essential changes every business must know

This post by Kristi Hines lays out the most noticeable changes that are coming at the end of March.

Apart from the fact that all custom Fan pages will likely need to be re-done, for lead generation purposes the saddest parts of the new Facebook page changes is:

What’s Working in Email Marketing - 2012

WHEN should I best send my emails?

Based on our data we consistently find the following:
• Business to Business (B2B) –Scheduling for delivery on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday early morning are best. Peak open times are between 5 and 7am local time.
• For B2C recipients (specifically, when sending to a contact list with a high concentration of consumer addresses such has,, etc), we find that peak open times are commonly Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday evening.

B2B Marketers Embrace Social Media - but provide no results data

The following article shows results from a recent survey of B2B marketers.

Again it extolls the virtues of  Social Media. Just because "everyone is doing it" doesn't necesarilly mean it's profitable.

As you'll see there is a huge increase of Linkedin & Facebook being used in B2B lead generation.

The question again must be - is it making the cash-register ring? Judge for yourself here:

Marketing in a Recession

Whenever there is a recession, the marketing trade publications
run articles extolling to their readers the importance of
continuing to advertise in a recession.

Since these articles are usually contributed by ad agency
owners, magazine publishers, and marketing consultants, one
could make an argument that they are self-serving.

As Warren Buffett says, "Don't ask the barber if you need a

Marketing professionals make money only when companies buy their
marketing and advertising services.

But do they REALLY believe that spending money on marketing in a