15 First steps to take in SEO - Checklist


Checklist to kick of your SEO efforts correctly (with oft-forgotten basic steps)
As you go through the steps submit any visible links through a pinging service, such as http://pingler.com

1) http://www.aboutus.org/
Often forgotten by your competitors!
Take the time to register and setup a profile for your site. This is a very good website to be listed on.
a) Enter your URL and click the Find button.
b) Register and edit your website's details. Setup your user profile and include a link in the signature.

2) http://www.quantcast.com
Enter your URL and click "Find" to submit your listing.

Optional for Quantcast: 1. click the “get quantified” button, 2. register to setup an account, 3. generate their tag, 4. place the code on your site.
Doing this enables Quancast to scan your site. 

3) http://www.alexa.com/
Enter your URL and click Get Data button. Also go to: http://www.alexa.com/siteowners and click Edit Your Site Data.  You’ll need to register and then follow one of their verification requirements to edit your listing. You can write a review for your site’s listing and say how wonderful you and your site are.

4) http://www.compete.com/
Note: don't enter your the www-part
. enter the website address under the “Site Profile” tab.


The above are the Big dogs. Below are not so well known (at least not yet) but still carry clout.


5) http://www.websiteoutlook.com/
Enter your URL in the calculator to get it indexed.

6) http://seoheap.com/sitevalue
Enter your URL in the big box and click the check now button to get it indexed.

7) http://www.cubestat.com/
Enter your URL and click the button to get your site added.

8) http://www.urlfanx.com/
Enter your URL in the bix white box in the top right and click the Lookup button to get it indexed.

If your site is not loading then just add your RSS feed directly. You can also "ping" the feed here: http://www.urlfanx.com/search_not_found.php3?no_cache=1

Optional: You can add their tiny bumper icon to your blog for enhanced exposure: http://www.urlfanx.com/site/bumper/805.html


9) http://www.wikidweb.com/
a) Register for an account,
b) go to your profile and change your Nickname to a nice looking URL: i.e. MoreQualifiedLeads.co.uk/ It won’t be a live link but it will show up in the listings.

10) http://www.websitevaluecalculator.com/
Enter your URL in the calculator to get it indexed.

11) http://bizinformation.org/
Another easy link to get! Enter your URL and click “Value”.
This wil index your site with them. Now add a comment on the results page and add your link, including http:// at the beginning of the website's name.

12) http://www.yourwebsitevalue.com/
Enter your URL in the calculator to get it indexed

13) http://websiteshadow.com
Enter your URL and click the calculate button to get it listed

14) http://www.peekstats.com/add-site
Enter Your URL and click Search to get it indexed.

Optional for Peekstats: add a comment below your new result and include a URL in the signature place for website (not in the post).

15) http://www.sitevaluecalculator.com/
Enter your URL and click the Find Out button to get it listed.

16) by Googling: “website value” you will get lots places to do the same as you have been doing. Well worth the effort.

Doing the above 15 steps will ensure you have gotten your fundamental steps covered to optimise any website and start it well on its way to the first page of Google.